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Ah, I remember I used to be bullied a lot in school for being quiet and nerdy and shy. Request from anonymous: Can I request a Yoon go scenario where all of bts and you are watching a movie but you fall asleep, then when they begin to do too much noise yoongi says something like “shhh quiet you are gonna wake her up” Kim SeoYeon never knew that a one night affair with Baekhyun a single Dad would change her life forever. BTS SOCIAL MEDIA AU : MIDNIGHT MADNESS - Part 1. And steamy. Warnings: Fingering, handjob, oral m receiving, public sex acts Word count: 3. . 5K So I really like this one. Words: 1. He didn’t let you down with any kind As you transferred to BigHit Academy, it was pass 2 years ago from now when you first met Jimin. However, the pain can’t ruin your excitement! You’ve just found out that you’re going to be studying Romeo and Juliet. Requested Anonymous: Hey I just found this account and I absolutely love your ot7 x reader Storys ️ Since I’m from Germany could I request a one shot in which the reader is extremely insecure about her Korean and English skills and the boys try to reassure her that her skills are good or her accent cute thank you for reading this Usually BTS has been known to stay quiet about religion, but here’s what I know from my hours spent on the boys. Your own eyes filled with tears, you climbed onto his lap and cupped Jimin’s face with your palms, gently lifting his chin so he would have no choice but to look you in the eye when you spoke bts bts imagines bts au bts x reader jeon jungkook bts fake texts bts texts bts x you park jungkook. A moment ago, you had only just confessed to your one and only heart, Do Kyungsoo, who gladly took the opportunity to cruelly break it in a matter of seconds. Bts End Roll Prologue A/n: I’m back~ So this fic is based off the RPG game End Roll. (A BTS x Reader Fanfic) They say if you really want something, if you work hard enough, you'll get that and more. Carefully, i walked to the room, their manager switching off the music. A/N: This update took so long i’m so sorry! I got a little baby kitten last week so I’ve been taking care of him verse 2 (BTS SM AU masterlist) ☁ pairing: wedding singer!jungkook x wedding planner!reader ☁ genre: crack, fluff, angst, (optional) smut for one part (future), mentions of sexual references part 1 → [Random texts with BTS] Mixed signals | part 25. i thought that not only the plot but the writing was unrealistic and bad. As the title says: "This video will make you hate BTS FANS", it really made me angry about some Armys that are like this. It’s pitch-black outside and so is the living room, not counting the TV screen that lights up your faces. Taehyung x Reader. Prompt: Rainy days are your favorite. you were impatiently waiting for him to make a move or tell you something, but he remained calm and quiet . Jimin x Reader) The Drive-In (ft. On your neck, private places, and even in your hair. A/N: This update took so long i’m so sorry! I got a little baby kitten last week so I’ve been taking care of him Anonymous asked: Could I possibly get a Taehyung x Reader Drabble where the reader is either a new-ish member (or could be set near debut). ” you say as the conversation goes quiet. Summary : You are a small youtuber who just moved to Seoul to get closer to your brother Namjoon. Pairing: Jin X Reader . Yes this is a blog for male reader inserts. " The boy bent down to look in the cabinets underneath the sink. BTS Reaction Master List Reactions BTS • BTS Reaction to Being Told What to Do • BTS Reaction to You Being Afraid of the Dark • BTS Reaction to Younger Sibling Dating • BTS Reaction to Younger Fan quiet-nymph posted this About sub!bts x dom!reader writings caro, 22 ♡ m. Summary: Y/N is the youngest Alpha in her compound, owning a whole village. Of course I'm not saying every single Army is immature and disrespectful but if Ricegum decided to make a video criticising BTS fans, then he surely has a reason to do so. An attractive female in Korea is traditionally filled with "aegyo" and is very innocent, so I understand why people write like that. He was glad that you were quiet. That was how long you’ve known Yoongi. Jimin x Reader) Sleepless (ft. Can you do a Jin x Male Reader angst fic where Jin says the reader should diet a bit cuz it’s a bit “embarrassing” to be with him in public. Genre: Fluff. A/N - I managed to think of this because of the amazing Netflix original 13 Reasons Why. clickbait yoongi. Jin: Now, Jimin fell quiet, hanging his head in shame. I don’t usually post about real people because I feel like it’s an invasion of privacy, but I feel extremely Read Be Quiet - Jimin x Reader from the story BTS SMUTS ||《 FXXK ME HARD》 by kookiesoocute (jidangao🐣) with 317 reads. Yoongi x Reader) The Secret Garden. BTS Reaction to their s/o using pet names Request: hello!! can i request for a bts reaction to their girlfriend starting to call them pet names? thank you!! Masterlist Jin Jin would get such a kick sub-bts-fic-rec reblogged this from sue-bts jjk-vernon liked this feux-dartifice liked this BTS reaction using tongue technology. Summary: Jimin missed you. Yoongi x Reader) Someone to Lean On (Namjoon x Reader) Spontaneous (ft. and, also on another note i have posted a new story called bts bts imagines bts scenarios bts rp bts x reader bts jin bts taehyung bts v x reader bts jimin x reader jimin kpop sarcasticarmy bts yoongi bts x famous reader bts fanboy bts x you bts one shot bts reactions bts reaction bts imagine you're famous bts jungkook bts jungkook x reader jhope jungkook taehyung namjoon seokjin bts seokjin Read Back from the story {Shy} BTS x Male Reader x Xiumin by Lee_Jeongsoo (Jeongsoo) with 226 reads. Whenever he would make a joke around the other boys and one of them wouldn’t laugh, you’d be right there beside him to say something back to them. Taehyung x Reader x Jungkook ““Shhh sweetheart, you gotta be quiet. You were a popular girl in school, well, there was one named Kai who's Top 1 on the most popular, but at least you were Top 3. Jungkook x Reader. reader x Yoongi, reader x Jimin. mysterious kitten ot7 ot7 bts ot7 x reader bts x reader bangtan “quiet, baby, no noises. Request: i just want yoongi to fuck me so hard at night while everyone is sleeping. Drabble in the middle of some of the texts DRABBLE The next few weeks in Yoongi’s room were, well…exciting. bangtan bts bangtan boys bts imagines bts fanfic bts x reader bts preferences bts poc kpop bts meme bts gif bts fake chat bts fake text When you are the quiet one I Like You (Yoongi X Reader) Genre: Fluff. By: "We need to keep quiet. A/n: this chapter is high key just a transition of enemies to…friends ;) I’ve already started writing part 5 and let’s just say…there will be some smut. bts) request; ALKHDMDUJW I loveeee your guy’s works sm!!! I adore all the poly!bts,,, could you do one for ot7 x reader? If you don’t do ot7 i understand. It goes along with the Korean standard of an attractive female. She was born by two Omegas, and originally wanted to be killed, but things were changing in her universe. I’m burning. You’ve been there through his hard times before debuting and you’ve been cheering on him until BTS’ concert in Olympic Park Gymnastic Arena. He has fallen asleep. Warnings: cursing, dress up, humiliation, slight anxiety mentions, calling out a hoe. You’re hand begins to ache while trying to keep up with your English Lit teacher while writing notes. my-bts-babes liked this Index. Summary: Kyungsoo, the quiet boy, works up the guts to speak up when you are being bullied. Oh, he was so beautiful. Bts Yoongi/Suga x reader smut | Quiet. A short and sweet fic with lovemaking and Min Yoongi. Index. He was definitely doing less writing, and having more fun. To the point where I might post it as a Jungkook fic as well as keeping it in the A-Z masterlist, hell, I might even make a part 2. So the reader kinda resorts to like starving/limiting what he eats and it gets bad and he is Hospitalized. The sight of it and the urgency in his quivering voice, the sincerity of his words, broke your heart. bts scenario: they finger you thank you for your request! i have a bts hand kink so i love this so much xx → masterlist → commissions & donations jin: jin’s fingers slowly traced the inside of your BTS scenario: Yoongi x reader (fluff). list ♡ ao3 ♡ net rec ⸰ writing tips ⸰ blogs ⸰ faq Pairing: Reader x Jimin. Imagine Jin being the cute, quiet boy at school that no one knows is your secret crush. BTS x M!Reader: Y/N prefers sleeping w/ them 200 Days [bts x reader] His fingers looped little circles in your hair and stroked your shoulders, and in the darkness of the room it was a quiet, lovely dream bts scenarios bts x reader bts fanfic bts nsfw namjoon nsfw namjoonxreader namjoon fluff namjoon bts namjoon kim I lived in such a quiet neighborhood and it’s When you are the quiet one but you’re always right: bts bangtan boys bts imagines bts scenarios bts x reader bts fanfic monsta x monsta x x reader monsta x imagines verse 2 (BTS SM AU masterlist) ☁ pairing: wedding singer!jungkook x wedding planner!reader ☁ genre: crack, fluff, angst, (optional) smut for one part (future), mentions of sexual references part 1 → [Random texts with BTS] Mixed signals | part 25. Members: Kyungsoo (D. 5k. He’s also super kind and knowledgeable, yet you can’t bring yourself to ask him to tutor you. Yoongi hated you the moment you joined the pack and that was that. And when you get the opportunity, you swear you'll work hard for it. Your smell, your voice, your moans. Though things don’t go as planned when you find yourself having a crush on one of your brother’s friends. “We’ve finally got here and it feels so weird. The boys quickly surrounded me asking all sorts of questions. you state into BTS Semi-public sex reaction ⇁ pairing : each member x female reader ⇁ genre: smut ⇁ word count: 953 ⇁ overall thoughts: When it comes to this sort of semi-public exhibitionism, I think all of them BTS Scenario: someone flirts with their s/o BTS scenario: #4 Requested: yes and thanks for requesting!! A/N: this was supposed to be a reaction but I changed it into a scenario, but beware…this sucks. He fell quiet as you worked, watching you move around behind the counter with heavy eyes. Yoongi x Reader) Stay (ft. Dom!Maknae Line (BTS smut) Requested by a mochi who reads a lot of sin (aka my irl friend who doesn’t have tumblr so she’s watching me write this over my shoulder) A/N: Smut and NSFW!! BTS reaction to their quiet but savage boyfriend. No one else was here. New Rules ( i ) x reader #jimin x reader #bts x Bts Taehyung/V x reader smut | Unexpected Not Unpleasant Summary: Reader catches him getting off to pictures of her. Swiftly i took out the cake and lit the candles. Tough Cookie (ft Dance Practice Confession(Jin X reader) (You were in a girl group under BIGHIT,there was five members including you,and you guys just debut. O. his eyes were dark, but he just sat there looking around the room and building up the tension, after what felt like forever he stood up and came up to you Angry Silence - 2Angry Silence 2 Word Count: 550 Genre: hoseok x reader, lovetriangle!au, smut, vhope x reader Kisses, kisses everywhere. You couldn’t remove it, you couldn’t cover it with makeup, this name was the name of your one and only love of Dark!Spain X Reader It wasn't until Italy's birthday that you realized just how long you and the twins had been friends. As he opened the door, his shirt came up. also, i want to give you all the best i possibly can. You look at him and smile. ) x Reader Type: Angst/ Fluff Length: 1,019 Words. Genre: Angst? Fluff? You sniffled as you bought your hand up to your face to wipe away the sorrowful tears of rejection. net bts kim taehyung taehyung taehyung x you taehyung x reader taehyung fanfic taehyung fake chats taehyung fake texts taehyung social media au taehyung imagine bts x you bts x reader bts imagines bts scenarios bts social media au bts au bts bad boy au bts gang au bts group texts bts texts bts fake chat bts NIMYEON IS DONE YASSS Jimin is precious Nimyeon wonder why isn’t there someone like him in Nimyeon’s life x( When Nimyeon write this, Nimyeon was listening to Christmas Day by Jimin and Jungkook on repeat because their voices are so sweet Nimyeon is having a tooth ache damn. MASTERLIST. ” You couldn’t help but feel a little bit of pride sitting inside your chest, and you let a smile play on your lips. You don’t wanna wake up anyone, do you?” ” Read Here: XXX Yoongi x Reader Angst I really liked this part of the bts highlight reel and I just wanted to write an angst. net bts x reader bts x you bts smau bts sm au bts reactions bts fake texts bts fluff kim taehyung bts jhope jhope x reader jimin x reader jung hoseok kim namjoon bts suga bts fic bts chats bts texts bts au min yoongi x you yoongi x you min yoongi x reader My Favorite Spot (Yoongi x Reader) No (ft. Tae is having difficulty sleeping because usual cuddle buddy isn’t there so he and the reader are sat talking late into the night and and up falling asleep cuddling? He wouldn’t be able to help any groans or grunts that ended up leaving his mouth, no matter how hard he tried to stay quiet. You soon became friends with his friends and they were called BTS. Poly! BTS X Male! Reader Christmas Headcanons (Mythology Series) Okay so if you haven’t read my mythology series hcs I’d recommend you do so (here) bc I’m making a few changes to it uwu,,, Firstly is JIMIN X READER: STARS IN YOUR EYES. Be Quiet - Jimin x request: Can I request BTS x male reader how would they react to their boyfriend being almost blind (like having really bad case of short-sightedness which it’s getting worse) without glasses (like he can’t see even his fingers without them but his hearing is better {like you are losing one of the senses then the other try to replace this An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works ~Masterlist~~BTS~ • Yoongi x Male Dom!Reader • BTS reaction to their boyfriend performing in sexy/revealing outfits • BTS react to their boyfriend collecting another members photo card and not An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works BTS REACTION - You being thick/chubby Thank you so much for the request, I think that all of BTS would love the girl for who they are, despite their weight, so I’m gonna do you a small scenario with - Baker!Reader x BTS - Tweet ♡ - Amusement Park date- Tweet ♡ - He gets you flowers - Tweet ♡ - Artist Girlfriend - Tweet ♡ - Wanting to adopt a child with his boyfriend - Tweet ♡ - Trans!Boyfriend x BTS - Tweet ♡ - Male!Reader x BTS - Tweet ♡ - Male!Model!Reader x BTS - Tweet ♡ Pairing: BTS x Reader Themes: Fluff Summary: They knew you were working hard to achieve your dream too, seeing you grow is a positive thing but over working is another matter. 10 years. This will mainly be for BTS but I might add in GOT7 and maybe Seventeen. I looked up and saw my signal. Enjoy! bts jin seokjin jungkook jimin namjoon yoongi hoseok jhope suga taehyung bts scenarios BTS request bts reactions bts reacts bts smut bts x reader bts x you kpop reactions kpop community 328 notes Mar 27th, 2018 Male Reader Inserts Your confession would catch him off guard too, and he’d turn quiet and blushy very quickly. Suga: He is literally the king of tongue technology and he always remind you of that, even if you came 2 or 4 times he’d still eat you out overstimulating you. And while he was usually a very quiet drunk, tonight he said something that rang in your ears like a gunshot. Overtime, he would be able to keep silent, but for the first time, not really. Today was the day that I finally got to board the plane to Korea for my exchange student He mumbled, sipping the warm drink, wrapping his long fingers round the mug. Pairing: Yoongi x Reader Warnings: SUPER angst with Character death and strong Provided to YouTube by IIP-DDS Quiet Reader · Natasha Tropical Dream ℗ Natasha Released on: 2019-05-18 Artist: Natasha Auto-generated by YouTube. Cheers erupted as soon as i turned into the quiet practice room. With you as the main character. Jin: Doesn’t talk about religion, but I assume he is not religious. In the end, a few drinks turned into a lot and the first to be drunk was Hoseok. bts, j-hope, jin. “Hey be quiet!” BTS x Male Reader. ) “(Y/N)! Come on! We have to practice!” Don’t Worry | Poly!BTS | Originally posted by kstaehyung. ) Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo. Summary: You went home drunk. There’s not much of a pairing as there is not really a pairing in the game. “I get tired of x reader stories were the reader is always a smol, innocent, quiet girl who *uwus* and blushes constantly. The boys were quiet as they watched Jeongguk try and find the words to tell you how cool he thought it was that you were good at pumpkin carving, and eventually it was Hoseok who broke the silence, bounding over to Jeongguk with a bright smile, “woah this looks amazing! Reader X Suga You’re sitting on the couch next to him when his eyes close. Seokjin-Seokjin would absolutely adore your savage side. It hurts, oh, it hurts it hurts. His soft, naturally black hair contrasted perfectly with his creamy, yet pale skin. His molten, chocolate brown eyes that you had grown to both deeply love and hate were utterly intoxicating, intimidating at first, but drew you in. word count: 1264. bts x reader bts x reader au bts jimin bangtan bts x reader au cute au fluff jimin kpop fluff park jimin jiminie single father Single father jimin jimin x reader au park jimin x reader jimin x reader jimin x you jimin x y/n cute bts au cute cute jimin jimin with child jimin with kid parent jimin Single father! Jimin x teacher!reader Name (Hoseok x reader) Summary: A name appeared on the skin of your soulmate and you. Summary: You just wanted some quiet time while you were shopping with your bts bts writing bts reactions bts scenarios bts the music of fate {78}park jimin x reader | social media au | idol!reader Park Jimin is an aspiring artist and college student, Y/N is the maknae of Dusk Till Dawn, what happens when music helps to The Scarlet Lust - BTS x Reader (18+) (1) PART 1 - CRIMSON (Word Count: 3,271) The day had finally come. i hope y’all enjoy. You didn't like to think of them as friends, because in truth, you had started to develop feelings for the two Italians; yep, both of them. Jungkook x Reader) The Last Time (ft. • Min Yoongi x Reader • Enemies to Lovers. Yoongi x Reader) Please, Come Over (ft. Tagged: #bts #bts fluff #bts angst #bts au #bts scenarios #bts drabbles #bts drabble #bts x reader #bts park chimchim #bts park jimin #bts kim namjoon #bts rm #park jimin #kim namjoon #btsau #bts smut #bts fanfic #bts fanfiction #bts masterlist Pairing: BTS x Female!Reader; Alpha!Reader, Beta!Seokjin, Alpha!Yoongi, Alpha!Hoseok, Alpha!Namjoon, Omega!Jimin, Beta!Taehyung, Beta!Jungkook. ” yoongi’s free hand faintly wrapped around your neck again, “this is your punishment for speaking out of turn. Jin The once quiet forest was disturbed by the yell of Y/N and the frightened peeps of the poor pups. Word Count: 700. He is so lazy, but the longer you look, the more you start to admire his Never Hurt You-Jimin x Reader(soulmate AU, Gang au) Pt1 Pt 2 Pt 3 Pt 4 Pt5 A smile tugged at your lips as she posed once more with your friend Kenzie. BTS Reaction | Quiet during sex Request; bts reaction to you being the quiet type during sex (not moaning) even when you enjoy it but they think you don’t [[MORE]]Kim Namjoon Namjoon would be a little Aesthetic: Shhh…. yoongi, jin, quiet. Bts gang au x hybrid reader and friend. Most of they stories will be under the content of smutt and lemons. But, what you didn't expect was to join one of the [ note: ★ i wrote this one again since i was very unsatisfied with my writing in the other one. Cold Masterlist • see my blog for full Masterlist bts bts smut kim taehyung bts v kim taehyung x reader jeon jungkook jeon jungkook x reader taehyung x reader jungkook x reader bts x reader bangtan boys bangtan fanfic bangtan smut kim taehyung x reader x jeon jungkook taehyung x reader x jungkook bts imagine admin b writes bang-tan-bitch jimin x reader lemon it was much more dark and quiet. fanfic jimin scenarios yoongi scenarios yoonmin yoongi x reader jimin x reader bts dating ot7 (. Yoongi x Reader. [[MORE]]You were visiting the dorm to hang out. He is definitely a dirty talker, too, so he’ll say a lot of things to encourage you to do more. You and a couple of the boys were enjoying a quiet Friday night with a few drinks and a movie that nobody really paid attention to. (SINS COME OUT) RM: He could get you trembling in minutes, you swore he could just end your life just by eating you out. i want him to cover my mouth with his big bangtanarmynet bangtanbuds 95line. jhope x reader . so, i'm really sorry, please forgive me for the bad oneshot. Giggles escaping from your rosy lips as you waved Follow/Fav BTS X Reader. You've wanted to be an idol since you were a kid. prev<< >>next. ” you swallowed before nodding lightly, showing that you understood. Yoongi x reader When you are drunk. The door creaked open, the music still flowing out from it. Like a lot. (I was listening to this song and got inspired. CHAPTER 3. Your POVIt's been about a month since BTS x Sick!Daughter!Reader So, I’ve been sick all day and I just needed to vent this out. I recommend you watch it, because it’s amazing and hold a very important message within An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works He was panting into the speaker but you stayed quiet shocked out of speaking, “say something baby girl. Originally posted by bts-4lyfe *If you reblog any of my fanfictions, I would love for you to tag them, since I like reading your reactions. bts x quiet reader

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